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Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework.

If you haven’t made any GUI application earlier and thinking of making one  then I would suggest that  Qt  ( Provided by Nokia ) is one of the best option you have . All you should have is to have the knowledge of C++ and OOPs concepts  .I had made Notepad as my first cross-platform application .For reference I had used an ebook   C++ with Qt4  .For starting you must have Qt creator ,Qt designer and Qt Assistant all of these things can be downloaded easily from

Qt Assistant proves really handy in working with and understanding the classes  needed .

Before start making any GUI application in any language using anything  we must think of what are the thing/functionality  our application going to have .Its good if we make a brief note of this  some where as its gonna help us as we move ahead.I would suggest that if you are making the GUI application first time then try to keep you app as simple as possible.

Now we are all set to design our application  using Qt designer.Here we have to design  the layout like windows dialogue box ,menu bars and other things we can make the connections from here itself but thats not needed  as any ways we have to implement them again while writing the code .

Now when the Design of our application is ready then ,we can move to Qt creator which is going to complete our application .Here we are going to connect all the slots and signals and we are going to set the icons ,splash screen and various other things (different widgets).when you all set then just run the code and see how it feels to see your First Application running…believe me its awesome.

There is no problem if you are writing the whole application without using Designer rather according to me for first application point of view you must write as it will help you to understand the classes and its implementations.But at this point I want to suggest that don’t get  disappointed if your code doesn’t work.I am telling this because of my personal experience I too had written Notepad’s whole code total of around 500 lines in 2 days but when I removed all the errors and tried to run it then , it shows segmentation fault .I can not tell how frustrated I was at that time but then I started again making Notepad using Qt designer and then I came to know that designer really decreases the overheads a lot  .At that time I had a feeling why I didn’t used designer from beginning …

But after sometime I realised that because I had devoted my 2 days in writing that code , I am able to finish and  run my Notepad in 1 day using designer and creator  as while writing the implementation of the design its really easy to understand what is happening as  I had done the whole code once and now its really clear to me that what I am doing.

Thats why I am suggesting to write the whole code of your first application your own using creator only and refer the documentation whenever you feel difficulty .And if its successful then well n good and be sure that you are ready to make a more sophisticated application .But even if doesn’t then don’t lose hope and try it with Designer .It will work ………

One thing that you may feel when you use Qt ,that Qt forums are not so active .So if you have any problem then post it here , I would be happy to help …

This is the screen-shot of the notepad I had made..


Firefox Is The Best Browser To Use

I am really tired of listening that firefox is not opening fast at the startup as other browsers  this n that from many users .It’s really hard to convince the users who are habitual of using other browser n don’t wanna use Firefox to use Firefox .According to me if someone using  any other browser there is just no problem as it is better than complaining , But being a free source and freeware supporter I will keep asking people to use Firefox as I know by making some modification we can see that Firefox is the best browser to use .That much I can guarantee ..those modifications are what I am going to tell today.I am telling what can be done in Firefox as it is a open source software  .Here I am not talking about Firefox supports like add-on support and others as I believe ,that no one need explanation for that as it is one of the best and most  vast support available for any browser and it is dut to the fact that it is free.All I can say is that try Firefox by making these modifications ….

Now enough talking lets start first of all open your Firefox browser and type about:config and press enter,it will bring a message that making changes in advance settings may be harmful and bla bla just press I will be careful..

Now we will reach to a page with lots of advance settings you  need not to know what all is there you gotta do as I am telling now follow the following steps..

->in the filter bar write network.htttp.pipelining

its value is set to false by default you have to make ittrue.

->there is one option network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

this is set to 4 by default you can set it to 30

it is basically the number of requests  sent at the time of browsing 50 is a comfortable factor although anything below 75 remains undetected by any site .Be careful if you  put this to a high factor which is detected then you may be blocked for that particular site for  certain time period.You need not worry about all this 30 is more than sufficient..

->now put network.http.proxy.pipelining in the filter bar

and set its default false value to true

->now put network.dns.disableIPv6 in the filter bar

and set its  value to  true

->now its time for plugin.expose_full_path

make this value to true

->now clear the filter bar and go to first page

and right-click on accessibility.typeaheadfind.casesensitive now go to new ,integer and write nglayout.initialpaint.delay in the preference name bar popped and press ok and set integer value to 0(zero) and again ok.

->now wherever you have reached try to find network.proxy.gopher_port

and right-click on  it now go to new ,integer and write ui.submenudelay in the preference name bar popped and press ok and set integer value to 0(zero) and again ok.

->now go to the top of the list and right-click on accessibility.typeaheadfind.enabletimeout now go to new ,integer and write browser.cache.memory.capacity in the preference name bar popped and press ok and set integer value to 16384 and again ok.

NOW  you good to go and to use changed  firefox………………..if you have  any query regarding any thing you are free to ask as I didn’t explain each and every term above but certainly will .



For the changing the looks of ubuntu  we will be needing the following softwares

This will be used to give the extra effects while closing or opening or switching the windows and many other things .
normally this available in the default software repositories but its manger is needed to be installed  which can be done easily by using software resources

This is one of the best dock if we talk about the dock with visual effects ,it has many amazing plug-ins (penguin is the best one).The best part of this is that after this we don’t need any other desktop gadget software as we can bring any applet on desktop from cairo-deock by simply detaching it from the dock.
This can also be installed using the software resources or by just typing the following simple command in terminal

#sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

if package is available,otherwise package can be added using the following links.

basically if you have cairo-dock then you need not to have screenlets.but if you don’t wanna have any dock but you want to install desktop applets then screenlets provides the best applets set.

This too also be installed using the software resources or by just typing the following simple command in terminal

#sudo apt-get install screenlets
if package is available,otherwise package can be added using the following links.


This is a qt based wallpaper changer ,having some really good features like if i want to have wallpapers on nature then i just have to specify the field name as nature after that it will itself download the wallpapers from different sources like picasa, photo bucket,flickr and many others and change them in time span specified.if you liked some image then you can simply pause and save that image or you can save all the images by checking in the box in wally settings.
This can also be installed using the software resources or by just typing the following simple command in terminal

#sudo apt-get install  wally

if package is available,otherwise package can be added using the following links.


This is a all in one software using this we can download everything like themes,wallpapers,splash screen,icon set and may other things

This can also be installed using the software resources or by just typing the following simple command in terminal

#sudo apt-get install  gnome-art

if package is available,otherwise package can be added using the following links.

-Links for downloading the above software-
Gnome-art & wally

Generally the people has a mind setup that desktop customization is referred to adding different softwares and and gadgets and widgets to make your desktop look different  that others.But according to me it is nothing like adding any extra software or any thing else on your desktop to make it look good to show others but it is actually making your desktop look in such a way that you feel good when you are working with  your desktop and get charged up  while seeing the desktop.According to me even if you are changing a wallpaper just because you don’t like the default look as it is obvious is also desktop customization .If someone is adding gadgets on his deskop such that the things he is using on daily basis becomes more accessible that is also  desktop customization .If anyone doesn’t likes those things on his desktop and he is happy with default look which is usually really difficult to happen..  then its fine.But if he is changing even single thing which is a good thing to do then that is customization .
so I will request to all that plz stop saying that i dont do cusomization after doing so.


The feature of openSUSE that is most distinctive is YaST. YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) is both the installer and a complete configuration tool for all the most important features of the system. YaST is designed in a modular way, when used for system configuration tasks, it loads a particular module according to the task being specified.It is also possible to run a particular module separately without loading the entire YaST menu system. YaST can be run both in graphical mode and in text mode (generally known as ncurses interface).Although the functionality in either mode is identical.

YaST has always been the distinguishing feature of SUSE Linux, and it has grown organically with the SUSE distribution. In earlier versions, YaST was a monolithic program(working on a same block namely no modular working which has its own disadvantages ) with the release of YaST 2 it became modular. Traditionally the YaST license has been a controversial issue YaST was released under a license that, although it made the source available, restricted redistribution of the program by third parties. Due to which it is illegal to resell unofficial copies of SUSE CDs.
At the Novell event in March 2004, Novell announced that future versions of YaST will be released under the GPL. This change was first made in SUSE Personal and Professional version 9.1.

The best part of YaST from a user perspective is that we can do almost all of the system configuration using YaST only.
some of the features which i personally like are-
-we can change the bootloader entries directly from here without any headache of boot file editing or using  commands in terminal
-all the configuration of network devices and services( whether it is ISDN or modem or anything else) can be done from here itself
-software management ,addition of repositories ,package addition and searching is really easy
-hardware devices (printer,infrared devices ,tv card…) can be managed from YaST itself
-and other the other things like user profile management ,local security,firewall,languages etc.. can be altered and controlled using one thing only that is  YaST




For changing the login screen in open suse all you got to do is run a single line command which is as follows as root

#sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 –set –type string /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /filename/picturename.jpg

I will advice to keep the picture at such a place such that you dont delete it by mistake,
now you can see that the login screen wallpaper gets changed to the image you had selected.
Now if you wan to change the login screen wallpaper again all you got to do is to put the image you want
to set in the same folder where you had put the earlier login screen wallpaper with the same name
(in simple word you got ot overwrite the earlier image with the new one)
execute the command and its done..

TO change the boot screen wallpaper with amazing and happening animated penguins all you got to do is to login
as root in the terminal by
su-  password..
now you have to just execute the following terminal command

gfxboot --change-config penguin=100

thats it now when you boot you will see that boot screen gets changed.......



First of all press  alt+f2  to run the run application window and in that type gksu nautilus to open root file browser,now navigate to filesystem  then go to user then share and then look for the folder background now just copy the picture you want to set your login screen wallpaper.

After this restart your system ,now once you get upto the default login screen you have to press ctrl+alt+f1 now you got  to enter your credentials (username and password) in this command based  now once you logged in you got to type two following  commands to complete this process  that are

#export DISPLAY=:0.0(0-it is zero  ,press enter )

#sudo -u gdm gnome-control-center(press enter)

after this to return to graphical screen press ctrl+alt+f7  or cm+alt+f7 if you are using mac……

now what this will do is that it will open the control center from where you can change your default the background by navigating to appearance  and then background and then click add and select the wallpaper we had pasted earlier  just select that and click open close that and control center you can see that your default login screen wallpaper is changed.