Generally the people has a mind setup that desktop customization is referred to adding different softwares and and gadgets and widgets to make your desktop look different  that others.But according to me it is nothing like adding any extra software or any thing else on your desktop to make it look good to show others but it is actually making your desktop look in such a way that you feel good when you are working with  your desktop and get charged up  while seeing the desktop.According to me even if you are changing a wallpaper just because you don’t like the default look as it is obvious is also desktop customization .If someone is adding gadgets on his deskop such that the things he is using on daily basis becomes more accessible that is also  desktop customization .If anyone doesn’t likes those things on his desktop and he is happy with default look which is usually really difficult to happen..  then its fine.But if he is changing even single thing which is a good thing to do then that is customization .
so I will request to all that plz stop saying that i dont do cusomization after doing so.