This is a google chrome extension for discovering songs and downloading easily.

Why One Should  Use Music Discovery

  • Aren’t you fed up of searching a song on google first then visit that website search for the one you are looking for and then  download
  • well no need to do this any more just install Music Discovery
  • Put the desired song name and artist name in the search box and hit enter there you go it will directly take you to that page from where you can download the song by selecting download and  just clicking ctrl+s
  • Now you can download the song and side by side listen it online or you may just listen it too
  • If  you are not sure of  either of the song name or artist name just enter either of them and hit enter ,you will get a whole list of the song related to the one you specified
  • If you are not sure of  both the things just enter how you are feeling today ,enter your mood and enjoy the songs from the list.

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*By installing this extension you will be agreeing with the terms  and conditions of  google and the  website used for music discovery and for any violation of legal issues while downloading or listening , the publisher should not  held responsible.
*Publisher should not be held responsible for any violation of legal rules while the usage.